A little something about us

With more than 10 years of active involvement in EDI and eCommerce, Eclipse EC offers a wide variety of products and services
tailored closely to the needs of our clients. If you are using traditional EDI standards, XML, Database connections or even
plain text files, Eclipse EC can help you map, integrate and transmit your messages, no matter how you communicate.

Some of the services we offer

Eclipse EC is first and foremost a Consultancy - whilst we do have more experience with certain vendors, we have no exclusive partnerships that require preferential selection. Unlike some other providers, this leaves us free to offer you the absolute best fit for your requirements, rather than having to present you with a limited range of options that are all we can provide.

Business and technical support services for EDI and B2B eCommerce

Eclipse EC provides everything from software recommendation, installation and configuration to complete system management. We can assist with deployment planning, community roll-outs, production of mapping specifications or reporting.

Whether you are interested in a first implementation, or if you already have a large implementation, or anywhere in between, Eclipse EC can help you maximise your return on investment in your eCommerce platform by increasing map re-use, increasing reporting and data visibility and ensuring that the software and services deployed are size and cost appropriate.

Our support options

The support links here are primarily for Eclipse EC customers - if you are not already a customer, please use the contact form at the bottom of the page to let us know your troubles. If you are already a customer, welcome back! Select your support link from below.

Remote Support and Meeting Links

Module Platform Description Links
FastMeet Win OSX Linux iOS Android Remote Meeting Access - used for Webcasts and collaboration. Link
Standard Host Win Servers Host Only MSI Module for long-term support Link
QuickSupport Win OSX Linux iOS Android General Purpose TeamViewer QuickSupport Client Link
FastSupport Win OSX Linux iOS Android Support Client that submits your problem to our ticket queue. Link
AutoSupport Win OSX Linux iOS Android Pre-authorised Support client granting Eclipse EC access. Link
Note: Use of the AutoSupport Module implies a grant of permission for Eclipse EC Ltd. to access the computer it is executed on.